Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring someone to help you with your business is a big step. Congratulations! I want you to feel confident in your decision so here are some answers to frequently asked questions about hiring a virtual assistant.

Payments & Billing

Why do you use a contract? Can’t we just e-mail back and forth?

Great question! Over the years I’ve found that everyone has a better experience when expectations are clear. A contract outlines responsibilities for you, the client, and me, the virtual assistant. This way we both know exactly what we’re getting into.

Why is there a 3-month commitment? What if I just want a trial period?

A 3-month commitment gives us both stability. You are confident you have this much of my time, availability, and virtual assistant services. I know I have three months of dependable income. At the end of the contract period I’d love to continue working with you and your monthly pricing will renew until you tell me otherwise.

Can I get a trial period?

If you’d like a trial period, we can discuss your priorities and I’m available for $45/hour.

If I enter a 3-month commitment, do I pay everything up front or monthly?

When you sign the contract, all these billing details will be provided to you. You will be charged your monthly rate for 3 months automatically. For example, if you choose the smallest package at $300/month, you will be charged $300 every month for 3 months.

What payments do you accept?

I use Wave for invoicing. You will receive an email for recurring payment authorizations which can be paid securely with a credit or debit card.

I live outside the United States. Can I still hire you?

Yes! We can work around time zones. All payments are made in US Dollars.

Does my first payment come at the beginning or end of the first month?

I’ll begin working once payment for your first month is received.

What happens if I buy the most hours, but you don’t use them all?

I’m invested in helping you and your business succeed. Before you commit to a monthly package, we’ll go over your priorities and to do list. I’ve been doing this a few years now and am pretty good at judging how long things will take me. Based on your goals, I will recommend a package to you. Any unused hours at the end of the month will lapse. I’ll be sending you weekly progress reports, though, so you will know well before the end of the month if you need to send more work my way.

What if I buy the smallest package but find out I need more of your services to clear my to do list?

During our initial call, we’ll go over your priorities together and I’ll make a recommendation. Any time beyond the contracted hours are charged at the rate of $45/hour.


How will I communicate with you?

Before signing anything, we will talk on the phone or Zoom to make sure we are both on the same page, that I understand your business priorities, and how you want to proceed. After that you can communicate with me via e-mail, text, or phone. I’ll provide this information to you before we begin working together.

How do I know you’re making progress on my to do list?

I’ll send you a weekly report letting you know what I have accomplished. If I have questions or need clarity prior to that, I will email you. I’m an open communicator and believe too much information is better than too little.

Security and Confidentiality

Do I have to give you my passwords?

Depending on what services you choose, I may need some of your personal passwords to access accounts. I take this responsibility seriously. Your passwords and information will never be shared or used in other ways.

Can’t I just give you your own account?

For many programs, such as your blog, you can add me as a user rather than giving me your own personal password. In WordPress, for example, you can add me as a user and even choose which sections of your website I have access to. This is just a good, common-sense business practice. If we find I need additional permissions, I will ask for them.

Other Questions

If you have other questions about hiring a virtual assistant (me!), drop them in the comments and I’ll add them to this page. Chances are high you aren’t the only one wondering about something. If you’re ready to get started, let me know your business priorities here and we’ll chat!

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