Ready to get started? My virtual assistant services come in three packages. After we discuss your priorities and are clear on the projects ahead, I’ll send you over a contract where you can choose from the Essential, Advantage or Elite packages.

Each package requires a three-month commitment. The first month is charged prior to any work beginning and then renews on the same day every month. After the initial three months I’ll look forward to continuing our working relationship until you tell me otherwise. Some clients find they need ongoing support while others really just need help with a specific project or timeframe. Clear communication about your goals and business needs will help me serve you better.

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Value Not an Upsell

Mix and match any of my areas of expertise into a monthly package. Do you need a little bit of help or a lot? Not sure? We can talk about it, and I’ll help you decide. I believe in providing value, not upselling you on the highest package. The reason these tasks are still on your list of things to do is because either you’re stuck with making decisions, you lack the knowledge and skill, or you just hate the tediousness of it. Lucky for you, I thrive on tasks like these. 🙂

Each package includes:

  • Your top priorities and projects
  • Weekly progress reports sent to you via email
  • Consistent and professional communication to ensure your goals are being met and your vision is turning to reality

What’s the Difference Between the Virtual Assistant Packages?

You’re going to get great value with the Essential, Advantage and Elite options. The major difference is simply the amount of hours you are “claiming”. I’ll work closely with you to help you choose the right solution for you and your business. Additional hours can always be purchased at the rate of $45/hour while any unused hours will lapse.

I’m invested in your success!

Have questions? Visit the FAQ page or drop it in the comments.

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